International Student Working Group (ISWG)

Working Towards Internationalist Solidarity at Rutgers University

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Setting the Standards for Equity in Working and Learning Conditions

Remote Employment for International Student Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic left numerous international students stranded outside the US because of travel restrictions. With no hope of returning for Fall semester, Rutgers made the situation worse by denying them the opportunity to remotely work as Teaching/Research Assistants like their citizen peers. With the union's support, we successfully pushed the administration to allow continuing graduate workers to be remotely employed while not in the US. However incoming graduate students are still being denied employment. Fill out this letter to Rutgers admin to advocate for incoming international students.

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Emergency Funding for International Students

International Students are ineligible to receive CARES Act stimulus checks, despite losing on-campus jobs and facing financial insecurity. Initially unwilling to do so, we pushed Rutgers to set up emergency funding dedicated to international scholars affected by the crisis.

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Information Dissemination for international members of the Rutgers community

In collaboration with Rutgers Global, labor and immigration lawyers, ISWG organizes town halls and webinars for international students and scholars. This is essential to ensure that international students can make informed decisions in the face of an ever-changing landscape of immigration policy.

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Who We Are

The ISWG is composed of both domestic and international students at all levels and degree types to advocate for the needs of our international students. At our weekly meetings, we assess the needs of our international student population, both to help students gain access to resources and information, as well as to take action against discriminatory acts against our international student population both from the Presidential administration and ICE, as well as Rutgers central administration. We work closely with both RGU and the media and narrative committee in order to ensure that the needs of international students are adequately defended, and to promote the visibility of their stories and struggles.


Press Coverage

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Rutgers international graduate students face difficulties amid coronavirus pandemic

Rutgers' international graduate students are facing various issues when it comes to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, such as housing insecurity, difficulty obtaining University employment and access to less resources than American students.